Sunday 1-22-23:

Tuition: Starting January 20th, all tuition is to be paid by check or cash in-studio. The changeover should start April 1st.


When the change is made, everyone will be informed as to the exact date and who to pay. For the interim, I'm helping the new owners out, paying the overhead until they fully take over. Please make out all tuition checks to HSDA for all classes taken in January and February.


If you have questions, please contact Paul-Dean Martin directly: 


Yes, there WILL be a Nutcracker 2023. To help this along, all sets, scenery, backdrops, and all costume inventory have been donated to the PDM Young Actors Studio to keep the dream alive.


Contact Paul-Dean Martin at the PDM Actors Studio to get all the great new things:

PDM Actors Studio on Instagram:

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Go Fund Me for PDM Actors Studio:


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