Studio Update 1-13-23

Studio Status Update:

As you know, the pandemic was not kind to the studio. 18 months of virtually no income, plus still having to pay the full studio overhead, plus not recovering very quickly has finally taken its' toll. This is the primary reason for this change, and this decision.

The school and ballet company will soon be under new ownership:

The PDM Young Actors Studio (owner Paul-Dean Martin) is taking over in the next few weeks. They are keeping 2 dance floors for the dance portion, plus building a black box theater in the other two.

The dance classes and present teachers will keep going, but under new ownership and a new name. The ballet company will keep going, hopefully under the supervision of the Sunrise Ballet Guild with the valuable help of Debbie Kaye and Shay Thiede, and all the people who have been so valuable and instrumental to the process.

Mr. Martin and his people will be meeting the Sunrise Guild and the staff in the next week or so to make plans.

For info: "PDM Young Actors Workshop". They've been around in the area for 20+ years, and are changing the name to "Young Actors Studio" to add the dance to their lineup.

After all these years as an arts educator, this is not an easy decision. I'm relieved to know that- after being in business since 1972- that the school, the ballet company and teachers will still exist, and that all the students will have a place to keep dancing.

Yes, you can pass this on.



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