Sunday  1-22-23: Tuition: Starting January 20th , all tuition is to be paid by check or cash in-studio. The changeover should start April 1 st . ~ When the change is made, everyone will be informed as to the exact date and who to pay. For the interim, I'm helping the new owners out, paying the overhead until they fully take over. Please make out all tuition checks to HSDA for all classes taken in January and February. ~ If you have questions, please contact Paul-Dean Martin directly:  ~ Yes, there WILL be a Nutcracker 2023. To help this along, all sets, scenery, backdrops, and all costume inventory have been donated to the PDM Young Actors Studio to keep the dream alive. ~ Contact Paul-Dean Martin at the PDM Actors Studio to get all the great new things: PDM Actors Studio on Instagram: Paul-Dean Martin on Instagram: Paul-Dean Martin on FaceBook:  https:/
Update 1-15-23: My goal is to keep the studio active and alive, and with the same teachers , just under a new name. I'm so relieved to know that this will be happening, and with a great person. I have every confidence that the new owner will be a great fit for everyone. From everything I’m hearing, that’s going to change in a very good way for all students and teachers. ~ The same teachers will be teaching, plus likely some new teachers that share the same philosophy as I on the art. Looks like Mr. Martin shares the same thoughts on art and education as I do. ~ To keep the Sunrise Ballet and Nutcracker alive, I'm donating all sets, scenery, drops, and everything that's in the costume room (yeah, all those costumes). Significant, yes, but I want the new owners to keep the Nutcracker alive. Mr. Martin assured me that there WILL be a Nutcracker 2023 . ~ Tuition: Until the actual change is made, I'm still paying the overhead with the tuition coming in right now. I

Studio Update 1-13-23

Studio Status Update: As you know, the pandemic was not kind to the studio. 18 months of virtually no income, plus still having to pay the full studio overhead, plus not recovering very quickly has finally taken its' toll. This is the primary reason for this change, and this decision. The school and ballet company will soon be under new ownership: The PDM Young Actors Studio (owner Paul-Dean Martin) is taking over in the next few weeks. They are keeping 2 dance floors for the dance portion, plus building a black box theater in the other two. The dance classes and present teachers will keep going, but under new ownership and a new name. The ballet company will keep going, hopefully under the supervision of the Sunrise Ballet Guild with the valuable help of Debbie Kaye and Shay Thiede, and all the people who have been so valuable and instrumental to the process. Mr. Martin and his people will be meeting the Sunrise Guild and the staff in the next week or so to make plans. For